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U.S. Military Presence in Mainland Japan and Okinawa

You can find roughly 90 U.S. military establishments with an area total of 3, 75% of which come in Okinawa, 130,000 sq.meters, including significant bases throughout mainland Japan and Okinawa. They're focused in afew areas (prefectures), 37 in Ok read more...

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The 700 Military Bases of Afghanistan

Nick Turse will be a James Aronson Award for Social Justice Writing and also the 2009 Ridenhour Prize for Reportorial Distinction's winner together with the associate publisher of TomDispatch.com. His work has appeared at TomDispatch inside the Lo read more...

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U.S. Military Key Bases and InstallationsThe Section of Its And Defense U.S. Angles

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The Section of Defense reaches throughout the Usa and beyond housing and hiring guys, women, and people in bottoms and services in most state-of the Partnership.

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7 Very and Hidden, Rural -Geeky Military Bases

THE MILITARY DOESN'T often select leading property for the facets. Usually it enjoys odd, far-flung hidden and elements of the entire world — particularly if it concerns its geekiest endeavors. Some are out-of-the-way test sites for space techno read more...

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Why America’s International Military Bases Must Close

John Glaser is just a writer who addresses a graduate student in Global Protection at the Schar School of Policy as well as national stability at George Mason University

They do not support our core national interests

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